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No, I do not want to be outstanding 

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As an athlete or a coach, we can all agree that In-Season off-ice training is EXTREMELY important for on-ice performance! One wrong move can lead to an injury during training or even an injury during the hockey season...
Slacking on your training, performing the wrong exercises, consuming the wrong diet, and all of a sudden all the hard work you've been performing goes down the drain.

But, imagine what a state-of-the-art In-Season Strength & Conditioning program could do for your on-ice performance?


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A state-of-the-art hockey strength training program that is phenominal for both beginners and older players. Jam-packed with loads and loads of amazing bonuses you definitely do not want to miss out on. 
 The What, Why and How to Hockey Strength Training 
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Sports Nutrition (Value $97)

The mistake we often make as athletes, is putting too much focus on our training routines and paying little or no attention to nutrition.   
I am sorry to break this to you, but successful training isn't solely based on physical exercises. Physical fitness is all-rounded. From the training, we partake to what we eat. In other words, healthy nutrition plays a vital role in general fitness.  
What you ingest affects endurance, energy, strength, and several other factors that are key in performance.   
Did you know your diet affects recovery after an injury?  
Intense exercises and volleyball motions leave us susceptible to injuries. Help your body tissues heal faster. Improve recovery by switching up your diet.    
Remember, As you advance in sports, improve your nutrition.  
In my eBook, you will learn 'how to eat healthily while involved in sports.'

Assessing, Testing & Monitoring in Ice Hockey (Value $75)

How Do We Assess Each Athlete?

What Do We Test?

When Do We Test?

How Do We Monitor Our On-Ice Activity?

Find out the answer to all this plus much more!

Shoulder Health for Team Sport Athletes - Value $67

Have you had a shoulder injury?

If you haven't, I think it is safe to say that you know a player who has because shoulder injuries are a major issue in the sport of hockey.

This eBook will explain to you what exercises will help to promote shoulder health as well as where to plug them into the strength program.

Don't risk being another shoulder injury stat and do everything you can to keep those shoulders healthy!

Functional Core Training for Ice Hockey (Value $97)

Core training is a hot topic with so much conflicting information out there.

Find out why you should be training your core, what exercises you need to be performing to maximize your core training, and simple progressions to each of these exercises!

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